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Friday, March 27, 2015
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   Do you know your daily energy usage?

Measuring your home's energy consumption is the first step toward finding ways to decrease it.

To find out your daily usage, click on the usage tab above and then choose usage history.  You will have the ability to view the last 6 months usage, as well as, view the average, high, and low temperatures for each day.

Does it really help my bill if I raise the thermostat by a few degrees in the summer?  Will I use less energy if I wash one full load instead of two small loads?  This graph can help you answer those questions.  Check it out today.

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Welcome to Paducah Power System's new Customer Portal. 

This site is designed to allow you to easily manage your account online. Now you will have the ability to do the following:

  • Pay your bill.
  • Sign up for budget billing or levelized billing
  • Sign up for bank draft
  • Sign up for alerts and reminders
  • View your billing history
Operation Round Up




As a public utility, Paducah Power System has a long tradition of service to our customers and the community.  We care about our customers in need.  Operation Round Up provides emergency energy assitance to these customers who cannot afford to pay their electric bill.  Just a few cents each month can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need help within our community. Help us to help others by participating in our Operation Round Up program. 

By signing up, you authorize us to round up your bill to the next whole dollar amount.  For instance, if your bill was $67.35, it will be rounded up to $68. One hundred percent of the contributions go directly to assist individuals with their electric bills. It is temporary help and is not to be used as an ongoing source of supplementary income.   

The funds are administered by West Kentucky Allied Services(WKAS). WKAS is a private, non-profit organization governed by a board of directors.  All clients served by WKAS are screened based on on income and need.

Please call our customer service representatives at 575-4000 to sign up for Operation Round Up.

Tip of the Day

  • Turn your thermostat to 68.  For every degree that you lower your thermostat, you can save up to 2 percent.
  • Replace or clean the furnace filter.  When your furnace filter is dirty, it restricts airflow and causes the unit to work harder.
  • Seal up leaks.  Inspect doors, windows, and vents.  Use caulk and weather stripping to keep that warm air inside.  For bigger leaks, consult your local hardware store.
  • Tune up your furnace.  Almost half of the average electric bill is from your heat source.  Have your unit tuned up to make sure it is working properly and efficiently.
  •  Let the sun in.  On sunny days, open the drapes so the sun can help heat your house but don't forget to close them at night.
  • Lower the temperature on your water heater.  By turning down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting(120 degrees), you can save between 7 and 11 percent off your water heating costs.


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